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Why Sue A Remote Texter
Oct 03, 2013 Over the past few months I have conducted non-scientific surveys of my friends and family, asking what they thought of the idea of me filing suit against a remote texter. The usual response was not favorable, but then I would tell about a man that I know who was run down by a texting driver. She ... Tags: accident, car, insurance, litigation Add Comment
NJ Bill Would Free Remote Texters From Auto Crash Liability
NJ Law Maker Seeks to Protect Remote Texters

Sep 09, 2013 A New Jersey law maker is already proposing legislation designed to protect remote texters from liability. Is a person's right to text so sacred, that it takes precedence over the lives and safety others who might be affected? Virginia courts and legislators have not yet addressed this issue, but ... Tags: accident, car, death, liability, litigation, motorcycle, product Add Comment
Riddell Responsible for 3.1 Million in Damages to Former Highschool Football Player
Football Helmet Manufacturer Liable for Inadequate Warning

Sep 06, 2013 As a former football player, and the father of a young boy who dreams of "grid-iron" glory, the stories of lives ruined and lost to Traumatic Brain Injury continue to alarm me. The article below appeared in the NY times last April (2013). It concerns a successful personal injury suit brought ... Tags: litigation, product Add Comment
NFL set to pay more than $750M to settle lawsuits
NFL Players' TBI Suit Settles

Aug 30, 2013 The NFL has agreed to pay more than $750 million to settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of current and former NFL Players over concussions. The settlement does not include the helmet manufacturers. What liability might they have for negligent design or inadequate warnings? See article below: ... Tags: litigation, product Add Comment
Remote texter can be held liable for distracted driver’s crash, appeals court rules
Plaintiff Can Sue A Remote Texter

Aug 28, 2013 The article below showcases the first, in what I predict will be a long line of cases, imposing liability not only on those who text while driving, but also on those who enable and encourgage this dangerous behavior. ABA JOURNAL: In a case of first impression, a New Jersey appeals court has ... Tags: accident, car, liability, litigation, product Add Comment
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