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Federal database coming for truck drivers who fail drug tests
Mar 28, 2013 ARTICLE SOURCE: Commercial truck drivers who fail drug tests might soon have their names listed in a federal database. The White House has received a proposal ... Tags: commercial, liability, litigation, truck Add Comment
Police Find Over 100 Violations During Truck Inspections on Lee Highway
Mar 08, 2013 ARTICLE SOURCE: Officers from the Fairfax County Police Department's Motor Carrier Safety Section surprised truck drivers with random safety inspections on Tuesday. ... Tags: commercial, truck Add Comment
Crash opens window into cross-border bus safety
Mar 07, 2013 ARTICLE SOURCE:,0,7059489.story TIJUANA — From a gated yard on a gritty street in this border city, white-paneled tour buses would set out for Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and other California destinations. When the time ... Tags: accident, car, commercial, liability View Comments (2)Add Comment
DOT Soliciting Information Regarding Training for Truck Drivers
Mar 04, 2013 We’ve all seen large big-rigs, buses, and other commercial motor vehicles on our highways and may have been tempted at one time or another to call the 800 number on the back and comment on the driver’s abilities. You may also assume that the driver must have gone through some form of ... Tags: commercial, truck Add Comment
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