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Active Auto Safety Gets in Your Face
Nov 26, 2012 ARTICLE SOURCE: Cars are getting smarter and beginning to react on their own, but the gray matter manning the helm is still the vehicle’s Achilles heel. So to really get inside a driver’s head, automakers are going through their faces, analyzing expressions and muscle movements to ... Add Comment
Booster-seat use linked to reduced risk of death in car crashes
Nov 05, 2012 ARTICLE SOURCE:,0,6778598.story Booster seats save lives, and so do state laws requiring young children to ride in them, according to a new study.Booster seats are aimed at kids who are too big ... Add Comment
I-85 reopened after truck hauling blasting materials overturns
Oct 22, 2012 ARTICLE SOURCE: ARCHDALE, N.C. — A truck hauling blasting materials overturned Monday morning on I-85, prompting evacuations and major traffic delays in Randolph County. According to Randolph ... Add Comment
Bus driver caught texting while driving
Sep 26, 2012 ARTICLE SOURCE: Parents are upset and want policies changed after a video surfaced of a school bus driver texting while driving. Eyewitness News was sent a video of a school bus driver texting while driving on the ... Add Comment
NTSB: Fatigued driver caused NYC bus crash that killed Mohegan Sun patrons
Jun 06, 2012 ARTICLE SOURCE: A tour bus crash last year that claimed 15 lives was probably caused by a driver suffering from too little sleep and a bus company ... Add Comment
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