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An Important Conversation--Talk with Your Teens About Athletes' Risk of Concussion
Jul 16, 2013 Brain trauma injuries are on the rise among adolescent athletes. Bloomberg News reports the US Centers for Disease Control released a report that said sports-related traumatic brain injuries among people under age 19 have risen by 60 percent between 2001 to 2009, prompting calls “for public ... Add Comment
Feds shut down Springfield, Va. bus company, say vehicles, drivers are hazard to public safety
Jun 12, 2013 ARTICLE SOURCE: Federal officials have shut down a Springfield, Va., bus company after they say multiple ... View Comments (1)Add Comment
Virginia Lawyers Weekly: College student’s cognitive struggles linked to 1999 accident
$1,700,000 Settlement

May 20, 2013 ARTICLE SOURCE: On March 15, 1999, a tractor-trailer operated by the defendant truck driver crossed over the center line of Route 340 in Clarke County, and ran nearly head-on into a Toyota Corolla driven by the ... Tags: accident, car Add Comment
GM recalls some Buick Encores for possible steering wheel defect
Apr 02, 2013 ARTICLE SOURCE:,0,6047710.story General Motors is recalling some model year 2013 Buick Encores with steering wheel fasteners that may not have been properly installed. The problem ... Tags: accident, car, product View Comments (3)Add Comment
New Safety Feature Helps Cars Avoid Collisions With Cyclists
Apr 02, 2013 ARTICLE SOURCE: The latest auto safety technology to come from Volvo is designed not to protect a car’s passengers, but those who reside outside the vehicle – both on foot ... Tags: accident, car, motorcycle Add Comment
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