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Car Accident or Car Crash: The Right Words Make a Difference

Jun 02, 2016

A May 20, 2016 article in The Huffington Post discussed why some auto safety organizations are trying to influence the media to move away from using the term “car accident” and instead use the term “car crash” or “car wreck.” The reasoning is the term “accident” implies that there is no one at fault, that the whole incident was a mistake with no one to blame. “Crash” or “wreck” more fully describes what actually happened by implying fault–that is one reason we call it a Police Crash Report. The hope is that by using these terms, drivers will think through the decisions they make behind the wheel, and thus take more responsibility for protecting others from needless harm. Click here to read the entire article.

At Blankingship & Keith, we recognize how profoundly the reckless decisions of other motorists have affected our clients’ lives, each day of their lives. We strive to offer our clients support, counsel and zealous advocacy at very difficult times, and throughout our representation–after afterwards, if we can continue to help.

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