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Virginia federal court action on behalf of family of young woman slain at apartment building by vagrant who frequented building; building access cards were available for sale on the street and lock was frequently broken.
Fairfax Circuit Court action on behalf of 7-year old girl who suffered brain injuries when riding down a dangerously steep trail built in violation of county requirements.
Fairfax, VA: a Virginia State Police Motorcycle Officer responding to a call of “shots fired” during the D.C. sniper crisis was run off the road by a tow truck in heavy traffic. He was killed when he struck a guard rail and was thrown from his bike.
Washington, D.C.; an unmarried parking lot attendant was crushed by an obstruction in a parking garage when multiple safety devices on a manlift failed to stop it from traveling above the top floor. The manlift had been serviced by one defendant two weeks prior to the accident and more than 20 safety code violations.
Prince William, VA: an 87 year old woman was killed on her way to a party celebrating the birth of her first great-grandson when a driver on a side street ran through a stop sign into her path of travel.
D.C. Superior Court case in which we represented young children of serviceman slain at late night function at school; university determined three guards were necessary but none on duty at time of shooting.