Brain Injury

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55-year-old Harvard-educated economist suffered a severe traumatic brain injury when his car was broadsided by a speeding vehicle in Arlington, Virginia. The defendant's car was owned by his fiance and her father. The fiance's father has his own $10,000,000 personal umbrella policy which, after going to the Supreme Court, was ruled be allowed to apply in this case.
Tractor-trailer crossed over the center line of Route 340 and ran nearly head-on to a family's Toyota Corolla, causing a 7-year-old girl to have a significant head injury. These injuries were linked to later behavioral and cognitive struggles.
Fairfax Circuit Court action in which we secured a jury verdict for a young child catastrophically injured by defective window screen. The verdict was later reversed on appeal.
Prince Georges County, MD: Tractor Trailer lost control in icy roadway conditions on Route 95, in violation of DOT regulations against driving in dangerous conditions. Case settled in Prince Georges County Maryland Circuit Court.
AAA trash truck hit passenger car from rear in Reston near the Dulles Toll Road. Trucks brakes were defective, driver was inexperienced and truck was overloaded. Case tried in Fairfax Circuit Court. Company offered $135,000 prior to trial; Jury Verdict of $2,025,000.
Arlington County: Virginia state court action in which we represented a young woman raped by intruder in dangerous complex; victim moved into complex after leasing agent misrepresented criminal history.
Fauquier County, VA: Tanker struck passenger car head-on, on Rt. 17, one-lane highway, after driver took eyes off road to adjust heater. Case pending in Fairfax Circuit Court. Nurse and mom of three seriously injured in wreck.
Multiple settlements in Fairfax Circuit Court for a young man severely injured when a large dump truck crossed four lanes of I-95 north, jumped the guard rail and landed on the car he was in on I-95 south.
Fairfax County, VA: Tractor-trailer struck SUV at 10 M.P.H on Beltway in rush hour traffic; client suffered brain injury from impact of 60,000 pound truck.
Defective Roadway/Cycling Accident — Fairfax Circuit Court action in which we represented a young man who bicycled into unmarked hole in roadway left by construction crew, and who suffered brain injury (see Va. Cir. 122 (1991)).
Virginia federal court action in which we represented brain- injured victim of beating at regional mall by gang of young women.